About Us

Christ Reconciliation Ministry is an arm of Christ Ministry. CRM has been ordained by God and He has extravagantly poured upon this ministry an anointing for teaching, healing and deliverance.

The founder of this Ministry, Minister Lewis has been a fervent disciple or follower of Jesus Christ. He was baptized in 1998 into the faith as a Presbyterian Christian in Cameroon. A couple of years later Lewis left Cameroon for Belgium to study for a post graduate diploma in IDPM. In 2008 while Lewis was still in Belgium he prayed to God Almighty to reveal Himself to him. So, Lewis began to study the word of God and praying regularly, attending church and other Christian crusades and conferences.

Pastor Lewis

  • President and Founder of Christ Reconciliation Ministries.

  • Proud member of the Ministerial Association of Pastors in Fort McMurray

  • Called to the service of the Lord to reconcile the world unto Christ our Lord and Savior